Sonya is a product of STEM-based environment since 1992. As a Roosevelt Middle School Alumni she belonged to the science, technology, engineering & math club formerly known as Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME). Sonya continued the technology path in highschool by joining and graduating from Forest Hill's Academy of Engineering & Technology program in 1996.

#STEM...It is Mr. Williams who encouraged me to give SECME a try and I never forgot that feeling we experienced in 1992 as state champions...and since that time I've remained a lover and worker of the information technology field. Mr. Timothy Williams, is forever in my memory. Roosevelt Middle had a superb math teacher!

THE BACKGROUND. After initially dropping out of college in the 90s, Sonya opted for hands-on OJT (on-the-job-training) to enhance her lifestyle and career as an IT professional. She worked her way into the IT industry in 1998, during her time at American Red Cross while serving as Office Manager of Financial Development. Her peers and supervisor noticed her talents and soon that lead to a promotion as Database Administrator under the direction of Lisa Marie Giuliano. Sonya's knowledge continued to expand in SDLC process as she engaged in software implementation and training projects.

Fast forward 20 years later, Sonya is a self taught web designer & host provider. Yet, she has received formal training for SQL database administration certification at PC Professor. Other formal trainings include, Network setup & security, VMware (virtualization) and IT Project Management courses via Global Knowledge Institute. She holds a bachelors in applied management and masters in entrepreneurship. Sonya's been serving the south Florida area since 2007 as PTCS; IntegriVentures LLC officially incorporated in 2016 as an independent IT services provider. 

Here's a peek at community-based S.T.E.A.M activities...

Marvel Studios' Black Panther
(Kinetic Energy Film Clip)

Creativity is the secret sauce in STEM.

How do we take our potential to the next the level? Thereby turning talk into action, faith into works, an all that encompasses the physical elements of this world and our bodies into a kinetic force – planted for greatness.

The human body is a magnificent bundle of energy, what it absorbs it reflects. 

To achieve such greatness, we must institute new measures of acceptance & embrace diversified learning environments that encourage science, technology, engineering, arts/agriculture and math activities, research and/or events. We are STEAM in motion constantly moving and creating.

 The next 30 years is here; where do you want to be?