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in•for•ma•tion tech•nol•o•gy

noun: information technology

Information Technology (IT) is the basis of computer technology, devices, and peripherals used in the process to transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate and create matter for distribution via the internet. 


Operated and owned by Sonya O., Pressley's Technical Consulting (PTCS) Service is now!

As a manager or supervisor, deciding which technology resources are suitable for your environment can be overwhelming. It is a known fact that most are challenged by new technology. With proven experience, I am able to assess and discern technological needs, especially in the private and nonprofit sectors.  


The services I deliver are backed by diverse business practices. Collaboration is key; taking a team approach to projects the "I" becomes "we" and we focus on implementing successful solutions that contribute to productivity, by applying the following strategy:

    1. Connect to identify need

    2. Design or recommend an element

    3. Develop and train

    4. Provide technical support

Why offer these services?

Most businesses and individuals are challenged by the availability of resources. There's a gap between having the right tools and having enough funds to obtain the tools, and we are all limited in some aspects. As we conduct business we must ask ourselves:

1. Do I have the right resources to perform effectively?

2. Am I communicating effectively?

3. Am I getting the results I need? 

4. Are we protected with the necessities?

5. Are my customers and/or staff actively engaged?
After pondering these questions, please consider your information technology needs and read about the product and services I offer and then, message me below and we will talk. 

Products and Services 

Specialized IT Services

WordPress Website Hosting & Maintenance
ePresentations & Software training
Office 365 Setup and Skype Integration

WPBiTV Internet TV

WRPBiTV, internet broadcasting station program focus is education and entertainment. Be heard, be seen!

LegalShield | Identity Theft

Be careful with the identity protection company you choose. Not all identify theft companies can do what they claim; some make your life difficult when you try to cancel; they literally "lock" you in!