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Where Information Technology Meets Your Need

As a manager or supervisor, deciding which technology resources are suitable for your environment can be overwhelming. It is a known fact that most are challenged by new technology. With proven experience, I can to assess and discern technological needs, especially in the private and nonprofit sectors.  

The services I deliver are backed by diverse business practices. Collaboration is key; taking a team approach to projects the "I" becomes "we" and we focus on implementing successful solutions that contribute to productivity, by applying the following strategy: 
    1. Connect to identify need
    2. Design or recommend an element 
    3. Develop and train 
    4. Provide technical support

The name has changed, still, the principles remain. Operated and owned by Sonya O. Pressley Technical Consulting (PTCS) Services is now Integri- Ventures LLC.

IntegriVentures Founding Truths

Since March 2007 - CURRENT

From software documentation, database design, technical training & support, to website development, here are some of my previous and current customers.


931 Village Blvd
STE 905-134
W. Palm Beach, FL 33409

Phone: +1 (561) 666 7464