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Invest in yourself and those around you; Protect what is important to you!

Websites...You build it, I’ll host it. Do you have a website? Do you need a website? Let me take your presence to the world wide web with 24/7 uptime support. Hosting includes premium bandwidth worldwide presence with domain email registrations, SSL, email campaign setup & integration with monthly maintenance.

Collaborate securely in the cloud with Office 365 premium business services. For low monthly or annual cost your company can access  Microsoft's latest office 2016 applications on multiple devices, such as, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and enhance team communication with Outlook, lync and Skype for business application.

At WRPBiTV, we frequently invite professionals who have a message and content into the studio to talk about their services and products. Following the interview the video is sent to production for editing, where it airs on our web channel at a scheduled time. The interview video clip may be purchased following the recording. We provide 3 package options, for you to be heard and be seen. 

Be careful with the identity protection companies you choose, not all can do what they claim, and hassle when you want to cancel. Everyone deserves Identity Theft & Legal Protection!  NOT TO BE CONFUSED with government program Legal Aid.  Legal Shield services are affordable, dependable, and provided to over 1 million members in 49 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  These days everyone should have an attorney on speed-dial!

Specialized IT Services

- WordPress website hosting & maintenance
- ePresentations & technology training
- Office 365 Setup and Skype Integration

1. You buy the software, I configure it and deploy to engage and increase
2. Software issues reported to support or option for intermediary as primary contact
3. Project defined rates with experienced IT Professional saves from incurring high hourly rates


WRPBiTV, internet broadcasting station program focus is education and entertainment.  Wix, Universal Studios, Kravis Center, and Walt Disney World are a few of our sponsors, learn more at Be heard, be seen! Schedule your complimentary interview; email me at

* WRPBiTV provides a home  platform to broadcast  messages on terrestrial media

* WRPBiTV aims to connect people and businesses to stimulate economic growth

* WRPBiTV strives to keep content positive and never air negative news


Be careful with the identity protection company you choose. Not all identify theft companies can do what they claim; some make your life difficult when you try to cancel...they literally "lock" you in. LegalShield identity theft benefits:
- Privacy Monitoring & Alert System
- SSN Fraud Detection
- Restoration service guaranteed in millions via Kroll
and much more

LEARN MORE: How to protect yourself  | IDShield vs Credit Monitoring vs Life Lock | SIGN UP WITH ME:


Veterans Environmental Sustainability Community Operatives (V.E.S.C.O) is the for profit entity of Green Veterans. Primarily veterans helping veterans, the company is veteran and female owned community service corporation that fosters the transition towards sustainability, by providing innovative services and products to achieve a net positive impact for our customers and the community. Call (772) 318-4428 to discover how you can reduce your energy bills and qualify for rebates toward the cost of a comprehensive residential energy audit, and home retrofits designed to increase your home comfort and energy efficiency.


Engage, advise, and assist customers in conquering the challenges of business technologies.


Provide exceptional customer service and improve the efficiency of day-to-day functions, through designing and administering technical solutions.

I am committed to life long learning.
Residual Income is the future retirement plan.

We are all entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. Do not rely on your employer to fund your pension plan, start funding your future today.